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I love Cloverdale, B.C...A town like no other!

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Community is everything

Cloverdale was first settled around 1870 by William Shannon who was one of the first settlers to arrive in the Fraser Valley region. William allowed the beauty of the open land and the endless flow of clover to inspire him. And he was inspired to call this new place “Clover Valley”. In 1872 the Serpentine River was the only highway to the area which soon became known as the “Surrey Centre”. The Surrey Centre was centered on Old McClellan and Coast Meridian Roads, and it was the area that served the Surrey Centre Post Office and Surrey Centre School…. READ MORE
The Cloverdale of today is a dynamic, fun, friendly, growing warm community. And owning a home in a place like Cloverdale, Canada is more accessible today than ever before. Yes, you can own your very own dream house. But, buying a home has changed… READ MORE