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Cloverdale was first settled around 1870 by William Shannon who was one of the first settlers to arrive in the Fraser Valley region. William allowed the beauty of the open land and the endless flow of clover to inspire him. And he was inspired to call this new place “Clover Valley”.


In 1872 the Serpentine River was the only highway to the area which soon became known as the “Surrey Centre”. The Surrey Centre was centered on Old McClellan and Coast Meridian Roads, and it was the area that served the Surrey Centre Post Office and Surrey Centre School.


“Clover Valley” was the registered name in Victoria, Canada making the postal facilities available to the settlers of Clover Valley. Then around 1872 settlers started arriving to the region that is now named the Surrey Centre. Once the Southern Railway was built in 1891, “Clover Valley” was the location for the station since many facilities were already in place.


When the New Westminster-Southern Railway, connecting Bellingham to New Westminster, was strategically built through the valley in 1891, a station that was built near the present town center was given the name “Cloverdale”.  This marked the birth name of Cloverdale.


Cloverdale then became the major transportation centre, with three railways running through town. Two of the stations are still in operation.


Cloverdale’s location could not have been planned more perfectly.  It is at Highway 10 and 176th South. This historic town and Town Centre of Surrey British Columbia is located near Langley, which is east of Vancouver. The settlers picked land which later would prove to be a prime location. Not only was this land breath taking but this new settlement of people would soon discover that the land was great for agriculture and the railway would bring a strong background of history to Surrey.


In the early 1900’s when the railway came through it was on the out skirts of the town giving the “Town Center” its name. Then several businesses encouraged residential growth, so as Cloverdale grew it became Surrey’s first Town Center. With Historic Facades, Heritage Homes, and the country hospitality they formed a welcoming community.


The first settlement was in the “Surrey Centre”which is one mile west of the present downtown. Surrey is a city that is in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It is a member municipality of Metro Vancouver, and the governing body of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  It is the Province’s second-largest city by population with the city of Vancouver being the largest.  A community was built around the Town Hall, in 1879 (which is now part of the Surrey Museum).


Surrey became incorporated in 1879. It includes land formerly occupied by Halqemeylem language speaking groups. Then when an Englishman named H.J. Brewer looked across the Fraser River from New Westmininster the land he saw reminded him of his county of Surrey in England. So the settlement of Surrey was placed on the map.


In 1910-1911 Cloverdale experienced a huge growth spurt. They opened a general store, butcher shop, post office, blacksmith shop, hotel, the Odd fellows Hall, they acquired a physician, they built churches, shingle mills, the Bank of Montreal, a Government liquor store and they formed an active town centre.  Then Cloverdale became the seat of the government and constructed a new town hall in 1912.


Surrey officially became a city in September 1993.



The six “Town Centres” of the City of Surrey are: Cloverdale, Fleetwood, Whalley/City Centre, Guildford, Newton, and South Surrey.



The settlers soon realized Cloverdale’s rich soil, and the abundance of fresh water which is supplied from artesian wells, temperate climate, and the considerable rainfall makes the area a great place for agricultural development.


The city of Cloverdale actually sits inside Surrey.


The film world apparently feels Cloverdale has a special / photographic look also because they have chosen Cloverdale as the back drop for the movie Slither and the very popular series called Smallville. The filming of Smallville takes place on the Main Street in downtown Cloverdale between 57th and 176th street.


There is just one governmental entity and the City of Cloverdale is really a city in the city of Surrey.  But, if you ask a local resident where Cloverdale is they will give you directions like they were giving directions to a city.


This unique town that was once called “Clover Valley” does give the appearance that it has a central business core with surrounding residential areas.  You will even find traffic signs that point the direction to Cloverdale.


To add to the appearance that they are a separate city, Cloverdale has its own Chamber of Commerce and they also keep track of their population.


Cloverdale is a thriving city and currently it has a population of (52,710+) but it still has that grass between my toes or I feel like taking a walk to soak up the sounds, colors, and all the things nature has to offer feeling.