Cloverdale Real Estate


           Cloverdale, Canada Real Estate

The Real Estate in Cloverdale is priced slightly higher than other neighborhoods around the area like: (West Newton) but, Cloverdale has a higher number of detached homes than many of the areas around it. The prices in Cloverdale range from $246,000 to buy an apartment to close to $1, million for a large estate. You can find a very nice detached home in Cloverdale for around $562,171.


Fully owned 87% (“Owners”)
Rented 13%
Band Housing 0%

*Source: BC Stats

Detached 65% (“Houses”)
Row House 13%
Apartment Duplex 10%
Apartment, under five stories 5%
Apartment, over five stories 0%

*Source: BC Stats    


Neighborhoods surrounding Cloverdale


Johnson Heights



                                                 Cloverdale Property Statistics


Home prices
Houses $562,171
Townhouses $325,823
Condos $229,794


Wouldn’t you love to live in a neighborhood where you can have affordable housing along with schools, shopping centers, and grocery store, schools, playgrounds, and many more amenities?  In Cloverdale you will find hassle free living in a modern day city.

Active Listings: 1,078

List Price:  $604,579 Avg.