Development Plans for Cloverdale

More Construction Plans for Cloverdale


                                                                        Bear Republic Brewing Company


California has often experienced very long droughts so the Bear Republic had to seek out a more dependable wastewater treatment system so they partnered with the City of Cloverdale to build new wells.  Bear Republic Brewing Company turns waste water into power and clean water. And Cloverdale welcomed this forward thinking   business.


It also gives beer drinkers a reason to visit Cloverdale to drink fresh brewed beer while taking in the beauty of the town and the hospitality of the residents.


The Bear Republic Brewing Company recently purchased 1.5 acres next to its Cloverdale production facility to create a “destination brewery”. People are welcome to see just how beer is made. You can also sample the beer and eat there as well. This is a great place to tour!


The Bear Republic Brewing Company is a growing company in 1995 in Healdsburg it became the 34th largest craft brewery in the country and the 45th in the mass market against Miller, Coors, and Anheuser-Busch.


In November, the Bear Republic Brewing Company and the City of Cloverdale announced a public-private partnership. This will bring the city almost a half-million dollars with the construction of water wells and Cloverdale will build the wells so the brewery can continue producing beer.


With the advanced payment of the water capacity fees it will allow Cloverdale to construct two new wells ahead of schedule and that will allow Bear Republic Brewing Company to expand its facility.  Bear Republic estimates its water needs will grow from eight million gallons of water a year in 2013 to 17.5 million gallons of water a year at the end of 2016.


Allow your taste pallet to enjoy a fresh brewed beer…                                               


Let us educate you on the art of brewing…








Cloverdale West Village Project


The Cloverdale West Village project is progressing nicely.

On the site where the Cloverdale Plaza Mall once stood but, was torn down years ago the property is being redeveloped for a residential and retail project. During this phase there will be the construction of new sidewalks, roads, sewer and water infrastructure will all be needed for this development.

This enormous project is being done by the B&B Contracting which is a company from Surrey that specializes in infrastructure contracting. The consultant on this project is the Core Group Consultants.

In December during remediation it was related that the former dry cleaning operation project revitalization was going to get started so fencing was put up around the site.

The first phase of the project is to find a new home for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6 in Cloverdale. Well the branch will get a 10,000 square-foot hall along with 1,800 square-feet of retail space to rent out as a source of revenue. Also there will be four floors of residential space.

The big picture here is to develop several mixed-used commercial and residential buildings. And they will be built over the next several years.





Will you be one of the first tenants?