Eight Tips for Selling Your Home


#1        Establish Curb Appeal


First impressions are important. Make sure the exterior of your home is clean. Consider pressure washing the outside. Paint the trim if necessary. Clean the yard, mow, and trim hedges. In spring and summer, plant a few annuals or buy some pre-prepared flowerpots or hanging baskets. In winter, remove snow and ice from sidewalk and all exterior, walking areas.


#2        De-clutter


Since you are moving from this home, begin packing now. Use the rule that if you haven’t used it in the last year or didn’t know you had it, you probably don’t need it. Get rid of at least half the contents of your home. Also, take out any furniture you do not use daily. When you get rid of unnecessary furniture, your rooms look larger. Pack closet contents. If closets and cupboards are neat and orderly, they look larger. Clear tabletops, dressers, counter tops, and don’t forget your floors.


#3        Decorate


Providing an attractive appearance does not need to be expensive. Make sure bedcoverings are attractive and coordinate with walls. Add inexpensive splashes of color with dollar store finds like wastebaskets, kitchen towels, and tablecloths. Put out your best towels arranged in an attractive manner in your bathroom.


#4        Clean


Make sure your home is spotless, including the windows. Consider hiring a cleaning company if the task seems more than you can handle alone. Clean carpets and wash walls. Also, make sure your home smells clean and inviting.


#5        Lighten Up


Now that your windows are clean, open the drapes, curtains, and blinds and let in the sunshine. Dark rooms are not attractive. Add brighter light bulbs in areas you wish to emphasize. Make sure all lights have working bulbs and don’t forget exterior lights. Also, don’t forget your basement and attic; make sure lights are working in those areas as well.


#6        Repair


Leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, and sticking kitchen drawers all detract from your home’s appeal. Fix everything a potential buyer might notice.


#7        Update


If you are considering any major changes, some of the best investments to improve your home’s value and appeal are:

·         Replacing the front door

·         Kitchen updates

·         Bathroom repairs and updates such as new grouting or installing a double sink


#8        Paint


Ninety dollars in paint adds $900 worth of value to a room. It is not necessary to paint all rooms. Choose those that are dark, have an unusual color that may not appeal to prospective buyers, or look dated. Also, consider painting a dark basement. Remember, lighter paint makes a room look larger.