Fact about Cloverdale

Facts About Cloverdale


 Clover Valley

Was a farming community and the town formed between the Serpentine and Nicomeki areas in a valley that was blanketed in clover. George Boothroyd in 1873 arrived with his family and Albert Anderson. Then in 1875 they welcomed Thomas Shannon and his family and 1877 John Armstrong became a resident of Clover Valley.

Cloverdale is where Surrey began

Cloverdale is still an agricultural area.  It has only grown in importance since the arrival of the railroad in the 1870’s.  And today it still maintains its small town charm.  In the down town area you can still find shops, food, antiques, and many other inviting places that will take you back in time.

The first town hall

The Town Hall was located at 6022 176th Street in Surrey Centre on an acre of land donated by Abraham Huck. The Town Hall is now a part of the Surrey Museum and Archives, It was a building only 20 x 30 feet in size and at that time the cost was only $400. The first meeting was held on May 2, 1881. And the Town Hall continued as the seat of the Municipal Government until 1912. Then a New Town Hall was constructed in Cloverdale.


The second Municipal Hall


In 1912 the second Municipal Hall was built. Cloverdale was the prime location because of the converging railways and the growth of businesses and families settling. All the bricks used in the construction were manufactured in Surrey at the Cloverdale Brick Plant on Pacific Highway (176th St.).


Cloverdale Financial Institutions


The Bank of Montreal is a stately two story structure with a double storefront. It is located on the main street in Cloverdale. This building has a very distinguished look. It was built in the Edwardian era, and it is one of the oldest surviving commercial buildings in Cloverdale. It was replaced in 1909 by a more modern bank as Cloverdale continued to grow and expand with new railways, construction, and transportation routes in the area.

The original Bank of Montreal

All banking needs were handled from the original Bank of Montreal building until a new building was constructed in 1958, marking the continued growth of the community around it.  Now, the building is being used for general commercial purposes.

Cloverdale Shopping Then and Now      

After the first International Order of Odd Fellows fraternal Lodge burned down in April 1904 a new hall was built. Then in 1951 the hall was sold to B&K Grocery Store and the building was moved to 58th Avenue on land that was purchased from the Municipality.


Small town warmth……Big Town Amenities


Cloverdale has antique shops, major grocery stores, your pick of restaurants, specialty stores, and the second largest rodeo in Canada. But they do not stop there. For those who love nature and the outdoors. Cloverdale has a variety of nature parks, baseball diamonds, tennis, lacrosse, walking trails, and much, much more.


The First Store

According to records Abraham Huck, was the first settler to arrive with his family to the Surrey Centre in 1872 and he established a store in the late 1870’s. The store was used as a Post Office, General Store, and there was a barn attached that was used as a blacksmith shop. The store held basic supplies the settlers needed because it was very hard making a living in those days. But with the since the Huck family made their income from farming, post master, and blacksmithing they had a viable life.     

Original Telephone Exchange

The original Telephone Exchange Company was B.C. Telephone Office located at 176th Street.  T was built by B.C. Mills Timber and Trading Company.  There were only twelve lines in 1910 they had to be manually operated and they were shared by eight to twelve families using different codes to signal each family. Then by 1933 there were 120 lines.

The Growth Continues…

Cloverdale has residential properties, condominiums, townhouses, businesses, parks, new subdivisions, franchises, are on the rise as this growing community continues to hold on to that warm welcome smile and hand shake.



Cloverdale’s Pharmasave Health Centre’s


The warm welcoming atmosphere   of Cloverdale’s Pharmasave Health Centre’s are determined to assist all of their customers in living a happy, healthy life. They have years of service under their belt along with extensive knowledge of people and their animals through an integrative approach. Cloverdale Pharmasave Health Centre’s strive to promote wellness for all residence.

The first church built in 1891 in Cloverdale

The first church built in 1891 in Cloverdale was known as the Cloverdale Presbyterian Church.  As1925 rolled around the United Church of Canada united with the Methodist and Presbyterian churches. The first services held were held in the original Presbyterian Church for 25 years. Around the same time a new church was built and it gave birth to the name Cloverdale United Church and it s doors were opened to welcome people on April 2, 1950. It was located on Bond Street (58 Avenue). But, over time the bell tower on the church that once held unique gothic windows were replaced by a false front.

The First Hotel for Cloverdale


The first Hotel that was built in Cloverdale was built in 1890 by the Starr family.  The name of the hotel was The Starr. It was located on what is now the main street in Cloverdale. There was a generous offer made by the land owner Mr. Robertson to deed a site for a hotel as long as they would accommodate the men that were building the railroad from the U.S.A to New Westminster. The opening for the railroad which ran from Blaine, WA to New Westminster, BC took place on February 4, 1891


Dann’s Electric 1920

Dann’s Electric was built in 1920 and it was located at 5657 174th Street. The building was originally owned by the Royal Bank. The Royal Bank closed in 1924 and rented the building to the Liquor Control Board which turned it into a retail outlet that operated between the years of 1924-1932. Then the building was vacant for a year until Mr. Ernie Dann, opened it as a bicycle and radio repair business in Cloverdale.




The doors to the churches in Cloverdale are open to everyone. Your spiritual journey is a road we would like to travel with you. Please feel free to fellowship with us, and meet other engaging yet down to earth people.


Come as you are. And we pray that you find your church home with us.