Is this a House you will be proud of?

Is this a House you will be proud of?


If this is not a new house then what did it sale for the last time it was sold.

  •  What was the last year it sold?
  • What is the asking price?
  • How long has it been on the market?
  • Has the price been reduced?

Be sure to ask your Sale Representative if this is comparable to the other homes in that community. 

  • Have there been any recent updates done to the house (Example: kitchen remodel, any type of added addition)?
  • Are there any unique features about the house that stand out and make it a great buy?
  • Ask your Sales Representative about in market comparisons.

These are some questions to go over with your Sale Representative.


  • Can you assume the mortgage?
  • How much will you be required to put down?
  • What type of financing is acceptable for the seller?
  • How much are the annual property taxes?
  • Do the taxes increase when the deed is transferred and it has a new market price?
  • Are there any local bond assessments?

Don’t just look for curb appeal. Look for major repairs also.

  • How big is the lot?
  • Is it landscaped?
  • Have the grounds been maintained?
  • Will you be able to keep up the maintenance?
  • What is the age of the house?
  • What is the structural condition?
  • Does it need any major repairs (check the water heater, when was roof last replaced, has the chimney been serviced properly) walk through and check for major repairs.

What is special about each house?

  • Make sketches of floor plans.
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  • How many phone jacks?
  • Is there a garage opener?
  • Is there a security system?
  • Are there built in closets in every room?
  • Is there enough closet space?
  • Is there a dishwasher?
  • Is there a garbage disposal?

This is a list to get you started. We will cover more things as we go along.