The most continuously use school site in Surrey

                                   Cloverdale Elementary School     

                                            17857 56 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S, Canada

The elementary is located on Highway 10 and it is adjacent to a strip mall, franchises, a city park, and single-family housing.

The first public school was erected in 1844 and since then there have been a series of additions and new schools built to reflect the growth of the community.

In 1912 a four room elementary was completed. But the high school students still had to travel to New Westminster, Blaine or Langley.  As more families settled the town grew.

In 1919 Cloverdale School became the first dedicated high school in Surrey.

When a referendum was passed in 1921 it gave permit for a free standing high school to be built. The first high school erected between New Westminster and Chilliwack and it opened on January 1922. (It is still a part of the original structure). And this pave the way for the elementary expansion.

Cloverdale Elementary is reminiscent of the past.  Even though it has been given a few face lifts to keep up with the times, the history of yester year can still be seen in the beautiful structure and the well manicured 2.69-hecter property that is also adorn with well maintained sports fields, parking lots, and playgrounds. The semicircular parapetted gable and broad hipped roof was designed by James Boulton Whitburn, (1882-1931) his office was located in New Westminster in 1912. He designed a number of the local schools. The contractors Sloan and Harrison were also based in New Westminster.

There is also a welcoming 1.2-hecter City Park adjunct to the elementary, with breath taking Horse Chestnut Trees.  The city owned park was purchased in 1923 by the city of Surrey. They acquired the land adjacent to the school sites so that the city parks and schoolyards could both be enjoyed by everyone “(complement each other)”.

What set’s Cloverdale Elementary apart from other elementary is it has held on to its traditional charm and structure by joining ingenuity, history, and modern day knowledge.

Cloverdale elementary is where parent-teacher relationships are an important foundation for children to have a successful learning experience.

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