When Choosing Your Community and House

When Choosing Your Community and House


The most important thing to keep in mind before and when you are searching out that perfect home it is all about LOCATION!

Location defines the value of your new house and often this can be defined by a thousand dollars higher.

Your may see this home for sale is in a nice community

A community is the area around your house and it can also be within walking distance within a half mile radius.

How do you know if you will enjoy living in this community

Walk through the community and speak with residents who already live there.  Let them know you are interested in purchasing a home in their area. Ask them about the schools, shopping centers, libraries, is it a quiet area, are they friendly, by asking questions like this you will learn a great deal about the communities you may be considering moving into.

Do not make a purchase on emotion alone

It is very important to sit down with your Sales Representative and do the preliminary screening.  Then he/she can supply you with a list of homes that offer the features you are looking, in your price range, and save you the time of running around looking at houses that are not suitable for you.

The key is to make sure you let your Sales Representative know what you are looking for and they can get to work on making your dream house a reality.

What size and type of house are you looking for

·         Are you looking to buy a new or resale home?

·         How many people will be living in this house full time?

·         What style of house do you prefer?

·         How big of a yard do you want?

·         Do you want a Colonial, Town house, Lake House, Contemporary, Ranch, or maybe you are looking for a farm.

·         How many bedrooms?

·         How many bathrooms?

·         What type of dining room, living room, laundry room, family room, garage, attic or basement, etc.?

·         How much property would you need to be comfortable?

On this exciting journey into finding that ideal house

Take notes as you travel house to house of the things you like, don’t like, and things you can live with and can’t live without these things may seem small at first but, they will eat away at you later so speak openly with your Sales Representative it will save time and repeat travel.