You Need a Qualified Sales Representative

You Need a Qualified Sales Representative

It is very important for you to find a qualified Sales Representative that will walk you through the often complicated process of purchasing your home. Your Sale Representative will be able to assist you with.


  • The market conditions in the community
  • They know how to negotiate a contract.
  • They will have current updated information on financing and mortgage rates.
  • A Sales Representative will have knowledge of taxes, insurance, zoning, survey, title, and many other things that may arise during the purchase of a home.



                                                             Your Sales Representative Can Educate You


Buyer Representation Agreement:  It establishes Buyer Agency (It explains services the company will provide arrangement for the Sales Representative’s services and explains what obligation a buyer may have. The Sales Representative works for the buyer and he/she is obligated to look after the best interest of the buyer during the entire process of the real estate transaction.  The Sales Representative owes full fiduciary responsibilities, duties, and loyalty to the person or persons buying the property.



They Can Assist You with Pre-qualifying your home



It is best to sit down with your Sales Representative and go over what your current circumstances are.  This allows you and the Sales Representative to look at your finances, and the price range of the house you can afford. Knowing this ahead of time will save you a lot of wasted time, give you a clear picture of how much house you can afford, how much you can invest in your down payment, give you an idea of what your payments will be including principle and interest on the mortgage, the property taxes and insurance against fire and other hazards.


Mortgage, Property Taxes, insurance against fire and other Hazards is known as: P.I.T.I.

(Also some buyers /lenders may have monthly housing costs which include mortgage insurance, homeowner’s association dues, or condominium fees).



Yes a Sales Representative has a big role in the purchase of your home.